2015 Summer Picnic

posted Aug 10, 2015, 4:20 AM by Steve Ge   [ updated Aug 2, 2020, 6:35 PM by Chan Feng ]
2015年8月1号 在Donaldson Parl (Highland Park, NJ)公园,新泽西华人计算机专业人士协会(NJCCPS),北美科技企业创业协会(NACEA),武汉大学美东校友会(WDAA),大纽约地区南京大学校友会(NUAA)联合举行年度烧烤暨户外活动。共有250多人参加了烧烤活动。

A big thanks to all the volunteers who donated their time, helped with logistics, and participated enthusiastically in all the sports and events at the picnic. And special thanks to the organizers, who showed skills and drive in making this a success, and fun time for all members.

If you took pictures that you would like to share with all, please email them to Steve.Ge@njccps.org. We will be delighted to include here, and credit with your name, and your organization association.


The following photos, courtesy of Jimmy Yu