Donation for Sichuan Earthquake - 5/13/08

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Message from the NJCCPS Steering Committee [5/12/2008]


Dear All,


After we sent out the "NJCCPS donation to Sichuan earthquake and your help needed" message, we've received many warm responses and inquiries about details of making a donation.


Here is a quick announcement and update that we'd share with our members:


1. On behalf of all of our members, NJCCPS has made a donation of $2000 to people in the disaster region through the Chinese Consulate General in New York.


2. The Chinese Consulate General in New York has just published a list of official donation channels on their web site -


Please check it out. We've also attached a copy of the same information in word document for your convenience. You can make donation right away through these official channels.


3. We've also received questions/inquiries from members who want to take advantage of the charitable matching programs their employers have, or make their donation tax-exempt. NJCCPS is offering our members a free service to take donations and forward the money (including the matching portion if any) to one of the official channels on behalf of our members. However, due to the very limited resources we have, we request our members to make a donation through NJCCPS only if -


(1) Your donation is $250 or more.
(2) Your donation is $250 or more and your donation will be matched by your employer (Note this involves paper work on your side as well as NJCCPS side. Check with the HR of your employer on details first).


If your donation meets the above criteria, you can send your check to NJCCPS. Please write check payable to "NJCCPS", and mark the check with "Earthquake Relief Donation" on the memo line, and mail it to:


  Eddie Cheung (NJCCPS)
2 Browning Rd , Short Hills , NJ 07078-1114


We thank you in advance for your help!




Eddie Cheung                                       Andy Lin
VP of Finance, NJCCPS                        President, NJCCPS (2007-2008)