NJCCPS BoD - Tong Fang, Bill Zhu... Journey Continues with NJCCPS DNA 6/1/2012

posted Jul 9, 2012, 7:55 PM by Jessie Wang   [ updated Aug 2, 2020, 6:25 PM by Chan Feng ]
Archived email from Eric Wei to all on June 1, 2012:
Dear NJCCPS Friends,

Indeed it was an excellent event held on 5/20. Thank you Bill Zhu / Jessie Wang / Chan Feng and many coworkers for making it possible for us... Congratulations, Jessie for stepping up to lead us. Wish Jessie and her new team a very successful year!!
Welcome aboard Bill Zhu to the Board of Directors. Thank you for being the president in the 2 tough years. We still had great time/BBQ/seminars/FoodBank/Nanjing.... We appreciate it so much, Bill!! Now, please join the fossil team.
Another round of applause goes to Tong Fang who joined NJCCPS around 1999, led NJCCPS as the president between 2001 and 2003, and a member of BoD between 2003 and May 2012.  He is also the president of the CAST-USA 中国旅美科技协会 today. There is no doubt Tong will continue supporting NJCCPS and local communities as it has been. Thank you very much Tong!!
Both Tong and Bill have received the NJCCPS Outstanding Service Award (plaque) on 5/20. They both shared warm messages to all the participants...
With the NJCCPS DNA on all the voluntary coworkers and our members, we certainly will bring even more team work, sharing, opportunity and harmony to this society... Journey continues... 
Attached are two pictures from 5/20 - NJCCPS officers, NJCCPS directors/presidents
Thank you all.
Warm Regards,
Eric Wei (Chair), Jiangang Luo, Andy Lin, Nelson Yeh, Bill Zhu
NJCCPS Board of Directors 2012-2013

NJCCPS Bylaws,
c)    Board of Directors
1)   The members of the Board of Directors shall be the five (5) most recent past Presidents of NJCCPS who are current members in good standing.
2)   Should the number of directors be less than five (5), the Board shall appoint additional director(s), who shall be current members in good standing, to meet the requirement of five (5) directors.
3)   The Board of Directors shall be chaired by the director with the longest directorship.
4)   The Board of Directors supervises over and advises on the overall operation of the Society.
5)   The Board of Directors shall be responsible for accepting and resolving member petitions regarding impeachment, recall, or amendment to the Bylaws.
6)   The Board of Directors shall form the Nominating Committee as specified in the Society bylaws for the purpose of administering the Society’s annual election.