NJCCPS lead positions

posted Jul 9, 2012, 8:14 PM by Jessie Wang   [ updated Aug 2, 2020, 6:28 PM by Chan Feng ]
Archived email from June 22:
Hi, all,
We have the following objectives for this term of the NJCCPS volunteers (June, 2012 - May, 2013):
1. Career Development
2. Seminar/Events
3. Networking (social media)
4. Teamwork
5. Corporate Membership
We need some lead positions to help focus on each objective. I am listing the VPs sorted by the area of focus.  All officers taking the following position will help to define the responsibilities of the role and put it in writing.  So if there is an area you like to help with or you just like to help in general, please volunteer yourself to join us.  We have a group of ~30 officers. Once you are on board, please talk to the VP and me and we can definitely find opportunities for you to contribute. 
VP - Career Development: Jeffery Chief will lead the focus on career development and is in charge of our LinkedIn group (Please join our group on LinkedIn).  He will come up with a process to build a mentor/mentee system. Jeff was our Timer for 5/20 seminar and posted his record on our Facebook page.
VP - Education: Chan Feng who was our seminar host for 5/20 seminar will lead this position.  It used to be called VP - Seminar.  Since each seminar will have its own Seminar Operating Manager(SOM), Chan can be responsible for educating our members through a few different channels while keeping the previous responsibility of seminar: email list, website, special interest group, social media, etc.
VP - Finance.  Amy Xie can continue on this position for the term.  This is the position for Treasurer. Amy was 38 weeks pregnant when she modified our contract for a bigger hotel conference room for our 5/20 seminar based on overwhelming registeration.  She delivered her second son end of May.  Congratulations, Amy!
VP - Membership: Tom Chen will lead this position.  Tom is our Facebook Admin (Please like us on Facebook) and will be focusing on expanding our free individual membership. Please help us to grow our free membership by inviting a friend to join us on the mailing list and like us on Facebook.
VP - Operation: Laurel Lou will take this position.  This role is responsible for maintaining the historical records of NJCCPS, recording and distributing meeting minutes for officer conference calls, and maintaining accurate, timely records of NJCCPS events. Laurel has been a VP for us for a while and did an excellent job translating all events news to Chinese. Laurel is also organizing the officer rotation for email list monitoring.
VP - Public Relationship: Grace Qu will lead this position.  Grace has helped on PR for a while.  We need to maintain and expand our Corporate Membership.  We will also raise public image of NJCCPS.  (Jenny Yang will help Grace as a PR officer.) Grace will keep us posted when there is new wins for PR.
Kam Yuen is leading a car donation program.  It used to be an income source for NJCCPS ~6 years ago but the IRS regulation changed it.  Kam is working to create a new process for members to donate cars to us.  If you are thinking about donating an old car, please consider NJCCPS and contact Kam.
Wenkui Yang is our Picnic Operating Manager for summer picnic.  He is also the treasurer for Tsinghua Univ. alumni and we (NJCCPS and THAA-GNY) are going to organize the picnic for members of both NJCCPS and THAA-GNY. Several other officers including David Jiang, Frank Shen, Chenzhong and Eric all volunteered to help organizing this picnic. We will follow Wenkui's lead.
Nelson is our web server admin.  He did an excellent job moving us to Google.
Thank you and have a great weekend!