NJCCPS Food Bank Volunteers 新州华人电脑协会Food Bank 志愿活动

posted Feb 19, 2012, 6:26 PM by NJCCPS Admin   [ updated Aug 2, 2020, 6:20 PM by Chan Feng ]

Dear members,

We had a very constructive and successful event with the Food Bank on 05/22.
There were more than 40 members showed up including some students and little
friends. Also our event coordinators received a lot of messages/support from
members who couldn't make it because of different reasons. Your help and support
are highly appreciated. The representative from the Food Bank sent me a
message to comment what a beautiful work we had done for them. they welcome us
to come back as an organization or individual again.

NJCCPS will have more events coming up soon! please stay tuned....

All the best

新州华人电脑协会( NJCCPS) 五月廿二号为Food Bank组织了一次志愿活动。Food Bank 的规模之大远远超过我们的想象。收集的除了食物,还有日用品及衣物等。这些物品,有的是一些家庭买多了用不完给Food Bank 的,有的是一些好心人特意买了捐给饥饿者的。Food Bank 收到这些物品后,再分门别类,装箱打包,然后分运去各处。每天都有很多组织和个人来这里参加志愿活动。那天我们电脑协会去了近四十个志愿者。除了电脑协会 会员,还有学生和小朋友。我们的任务是把一些食品和家庭日用品分类后装入纸箱,再装上货盘。Food Bank 对卫生和安全都有严格要求。比如说,开过的或包装破裂的食品都扔掉,玻璃瓶装食品不能装进儿童食品纸箱。大部分人是第一次参加这样的活动,干这样的活。大 家都觉得很新鲜 ,干得很认真,有条不紊,既快又好。Food Bank 的管理人员高度评价我们这次活动。通过这次劳动,我们了解到美国如何利用社会力量来关心和帮助弱势群体。学生们和小朋友们也得到了参加公益活动的锻炼。大 家都说这次活动很有意义,并纷纷表示下次还要参加志愿活动。谢谢Kam Yuen, Bill Zhu 和 Eric Wei 出色地组织了这次活动!谢谢积极参与这次活动的朋友们!