Email Etiquette

Dear Members,

Non-profit, non-political, non-religious has been the spirit and tradition of the NJCCPS since founded in 1993. NJCCPS has provided a great and open environment for IT professionals to exchange knowledge and experience through many activities and channels. We are proud to have members from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and US, united here at the New Jersey Chinese Computer Professionals Society.

In order to create a more comfortable and open environment for NJCCPS and to serve all members better, please follow the guidance when you send email to any email account with, including

  • Please follow the rules of the Internet Email Etiquette (see the URL below)
  • Please only send mails that are relevant to a large number of recipients of the list. If the mail is related to a particular topic for which there is a discussion list, send it there.
  • Please do not send mails to the list with attachments of more than 200k. (Except for the necessary announcements of NJCCPS seminars and events sent from NJCCPS officer).
  • Please only send messages in plain ASCII format. If you have information that can only be viewed in a non-ASCII format, put it on the web and include the URL in the submission.
  • Please do not use the list as advertising medium. We understand that sometimes the border between information and advertising is fuzzy. As long as the information is relevant to the computer technology or benefits NJCCPS members, it is OK to send it. Otherwise, please contact the mailing list administrator first.
  • Don't promote any political activity, including but not limited to meeting, protest, article, party.
  • Don't promote any political party/organization, candidate, or any person with political intention.
  • No political debate.
  • No personal attack.
  • No improper material, topic or information.

NJCCPS Operations Team