TIME : August 13, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm 

Location : Thumbs Up restaurant, 

411 Route 1 South, 

Edison, NJ



Jason Vu was born in Saigon, Vietnam and his grandparents from his father’s side is originally from Guandong, Province. He grew up most of his life in Honolulu, Hawaii and went to high school in Houston, Texas and college at the University of Texas at Austin studying Electrical Engineering. He started working at Metropolitan Life Insurance in network administration. He was a manager of AS/400 minicomputers and Novell and Microsoft NT networking with Columbia Pictures/Tri-Star Pictures, that was later bought and became Sony Pictures, the movie studio.

He worked as director of software development and networking infrastructure at the United Way of New York City. After crash of the markets and dot-com implosion he started working as a recruiter in the financial information technology industry for over ten years at SANS Consulting,

The Leverage Group and Gromwell IT. He has experience recruiting for software engineers, project managers, business analysts, IT executives, and infrastructure technical staff for the sell-side international banks, hedge funds, and asset managers.