Membership / Mailing List Registration

NJCCPS is a non profit organization established in 1993.  Currently we have more than 1300 people on the mailing list.  This is a very active mailing list with multiple daily emails for job opening, career development, event notification and knowledge sharing in general. There are many reasons to join NJCCPS:
  • Make a difference and make your voice heard
  • Pay a free or reduced workshop/conference registration fee
  • Subscribe to the NJCCPS mailing list, giving your email contact with your peers
  • Have access to additional online information resources which are not available to nonmembers
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Get connected to other peers
  • Contribute to many intelligent discussions about computer industry
  • Improve the public image of Chinese community
  • Able to join online discussion instead of email-based discussion.
If you are interested, please join NJCCPS. Individual membership is free, knowledge sharing is priceless.